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NaNoSpinMo day 2

2/16 oz. spun

3 oz. plied

I started the month by finishing up some spinning that had been on my wheel since the end of Tour de Fleece. It’s some lovely 75 BFL/ 25 silk in “pumpkin” and I should end up with upwards of 450 yards of 2 ply.

While plying that on the electrowheel (which my darling mini-Durham Knits keeps on shoving off the table, sigh) I’ve started spinning up some BFL in colorway “Sugar” from Miss Babs. It’s dyed a light pink with streaks of dark brown. I’m going for a heavier weight so I can make some fingerless mitts.

Tour de Fleece 2010 – "Rest" day?

Today is supposed to be a rest day for this year’s tour de fleece but, as I’ll be away Wednesday, I’m spinning today and resting then.

Today’s obsession:

African Sunset

This is 2oz. of “African Sunset” BFL fiber by Three Waters Farm. I’ve got another 2oz. to spin up, as well. These will remain singles and are likely destined to become a Citron shawl. I’m awfully proud – I spun all 2oz. today, plus put them onto the Niddy Noddy, all while Durham Knits Jr. napped. It may not seem like much of a triumph to many, but it is with a 4 month old.

Tour de Fleece 2010

Whoever thought I would swell with pride when watching a kid grab a rattle? But my son has been working on his hand-eye coordination now, at 4 whole months, and the way his face lights up when he manages to actually touch what he wants is beyond amazing. I love that kid.

In other news, it’s Tour de Fleece time again. I’ve been spinning my butt off, trying new things, like spinning with sparkles.



Off to buy buttons for my new sweater…