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Sweet quiet.

Or is it?

The boys are upstairs, and it’s quiet. Do I go check, and no doubt discover a horror of Lego proportions? Or do I sit, nurse the baby, and just pretend it’s not happening?

The mess will keep. Deep breaths.

Of lizards and lovelies

Eldest is pretending to be a lizard. He’s laying eggs in the corner and yelling at Middle not to step on his spawn. He has just informed Middle that Middle has hatched out of an egg and needs to make sure he keeps wet so he doesn’t dry up.

Meanwhile, Youngest is crawling straight toward the pile of plastic lizards that are Eldest’s babies. I suspect screaming isn’t far behind.

Science oriented kiddos are hilarious.

As for me, I’ve been spinning and knitting up a storm. My newest pattern should be up on Ravelry in the next couple of weeks. Until then, a sneak peek:

como photo 2

I’m still here!

No, really, I am!

Updating is my resolution. Life with three little boys is about as busy as one would expect, especially with planning for kindergarten (it’s like applying for college here, WHY?) and balancing the needs of a 5-month-old, an almost 3-year-old, and a nearly 5-year-old.

There will be more posts. There will be lots of random kid stuff. There will be plenty of knitting content, and some spinning stuff, too. It’s coming.

Right after I change another diaper.

Things I Would Rather Be Doing…

… than sitting at home with a kid throwing up on me.

1) Taking a standardized test.

2) Sitting in a meeting with half of the participants on speakerphones.

3) Scrubbing the grout in the bathroom.

4) Replacing the price tags on 100 balls of yarn.

5) Cleaning the insides out of a turkey.

6) Going to the dentist.

7) Reading a book on internet marketing.

8) Cleaning a litterbox.

9) Watching a training video at a government agency.


More NaNoSpinMo

I realized that my last post had the wrong date on it. Hah. I’ve gotten the mom virus. I can’t even tell what day it is!

Anyway, the official count: 6/16 oz. spun, 5 oz. plied. I’ll have to take some pretty yarn pics in the morning.

My newest project is some superwash BFL from Susan’s Spinning Bunny in colorway “Anshan’s Biscotti,” which is a lovely combo of browns and a hint of pink. I’m going for a sportweight/DKish 2ply. I’d like to use it for the yoke of a sweater.

After this, it’ll be time to challenge myself. A 3ply. I’ve got some fiber I picked up back at MDSW that I’ve been meaning to attempt to make sock yarn from.