Monthly Archives: November 2009

A Sweater for the Bump

Wo, hello December. Time’s just flying by. It’s only 4 months until we meet mini-me! He needs a name. It’s continuously surprising to me just how hard it is to find one for him. Apparently my husband and I have absolutely opposite taste in names. Every time one of us comes up with something, the other goes “ugh. No, I can’t possibly name my son that.”

And isn’t that crazy? Getting to say “my son.” My son just kicked me. Wild.

As the little peanut gets bigger and less peanut shaped, so my body requires a sweater to keep him warm. I’ve been plugging away at a February Lady Sweater since I found out I was pregnant. My first attempt at the pattern ended in a tragic two-sizes-too-large surprise in April. For further note: do not use cotton or cotton blends on the FLS. It grows down to one’s knees.

This has been a fun exercise in changing the pattern to make it more fun. The yoke of the original is garter stitch. Nope, I’m doing seed stitch! Garter stretches too much! I’m skipping button holes and planning for crocheted loops over some lovely post-consumer material buttons that I scored at JoAnn’s. I’m reducing the size of the arms by one pattern repeat so they don’t hang down so big and make me look even more giant than the Peanut is causing. And for the yarn… Mmmmmalabrigo. Lovely, soft, squishy wine-colored Malabrigo. I want to sit and pet my skeins instead of knitting.

So I have a sleeve and a half, and a bit more body, to go. And then, with any luck, a sweater that will finally fit me and that I’ll want to wear. It will have taken a long time to get there. Now, if I can only ignore the fact that I messed up a repeat halfway through the body, but refuse to go back and fix it…