Monthly Archives: December 2009

So Long, 2009

2009 was both the best and the worst year that I’ve ever had. I have been pregnant for 9 out of 12 months. My daughter’s brief existence was entirely encapsuled in 2009. I miss her terribly. Most of my pregnancy with my son will have been in 2009. I had my lowest lows in the days after losing my first pregnancy, and some of my highest highs as I felt my son kick for the first time, saw his profile on the ultrasound.

This year I was a crafting maniac. I knit two sweaters and half a shawl on top of dozens of smaller projects, I designed my first pattern (three in one year!), I learned fair isle, I participated in Tour de Fleece and spun more yarn in a month than I’d previously spun at all. I upgraded to a fancier spinning wheel. I got my sewing machine repaired and made an entire purse myself, the first project from it that I’m incredibly proud of. I crafted for Christmas and strung my first necklace. I dyed yarn.

This year I was a traveler. I started off the year in San Diego, I visited DC for the inauguration, I visited dear friends in Switzerland. I was back in DC for girl’s weekend, I organized a knitting retreat in the mountains of NC, I went to the NC beach and Lake Superior in MN.

So long, 2009. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Let 2010 begin a new chapter.

Update on the Machine

So, the sewing machine guy is fixing it for free! And it’ll be done tomorrow!

Apparently, the problem is the capacitor, which has something to do with the motor. (And is apparently NOT a flux capacitator, surprise surprise?) My repair guy said that Husqvarnas of this era tend to have problems with them at some point in their life. When the capacitor goes out, it causes one of two things to happen: the Husqvarna starts smoking while not being used, or the machine starts to sew and won’t stop, even when the peddle isn’t being pressed. Which sort of sounds funny (runaway sewing machine!) but I’m sure would’ve made me just as upset as the whole smoke bit.

So, long story short, that purse will still get made. Tomorrow.

So Much for the Sewing Machine

I was working on a new purse when poof. My sewing machine, a 1972 Viking Husqvarna that I inherited from my grandmother, started smoking. This is the first time I’ve used it since getting it repaired. To say I’m pissed is an understatement.

Christmas Loot

Christmas brought me a lot of fabulous knitting and crafting goodies! I’m looking forward to diving into the Knitters Book of Yarn and the Knitters Book of Wool, care of my mother in law, as well as some lovely fiber that she brought me from Australia. I also have a great reason to dig out the sewing machine – hubby got me a book of knitting patterns that use only a yard of fabric each! I went out to the store and picked up a yard of fabric to start on a purse. Now I just have to get hubby to haul the 40 lbs of sewing machine downstairs.

I also need to get some twine. One of my cats chewed through the drive bands on my spinning wheel. Guess I’ll be spending time with the sewing machine instead!

I Can’t See My Feet!

Along those lines, I’ve finally gotten around to starting a sweater for the little man to wear. While I’ve done a couple of small projects – booties and a couple pairs of socks – it was hard for me to believe that he would actually be joining us any time soon. Each day ahead seemed like ages before his birth. Now, however, I flip through the calendar, and he’s almost here! I have so many things I was planning to make for him, and now I really have to hustle to get it all done.

I finally managed to finish up my February Lady Sweater, too. It’s in burgundy Malabrigo, and I altered the pattern to add a collar, changed the yoke to seed stitch from garter, and used only a single button rather than the three called for in the pattern. Here’s a half-assed picture of me wearing it, at 25 weeks:


I should’ve worn it with a white shirt to show off just how big my little man is getting!