Monthly Archives: January 2010

Things That are Awesome Today

1: Little durham-knits Jr. rumbling around in my belly.

2: Maternity belt. Oh my goodness, where have you been the past 3 months? My back pain – GONE. It looks ridiculous on but it is WORTH IT.

3: The first Cadbury creme egg of the season. I love ripping the foil off bit by bit because a bit of the creme has leaked out and stuck the wrapping to the chocolate. The extra effort makes that first bite even sweeter.

4: My snuggly dogs. They may bark a ridiculous amount, but they’re just trying to keep me safe from that weird looking car across the street.

5: My fair isle mittens. Coming along nicely!

Things I love, yet also Hate

Things I love, yet also hate

Thing 1: My cat. I have a stupid cat. Not just your average stupid cat. A truly stupid cat who may end up killing himself through his own stupidity. Over the past 12 hours, he has repeatedly chewed through hubby’s iPhone cord, incurring the Wrath of Husband, and just now pulled a lamp down off of a table and onto his head. He’s just asking for it. Stupid cat.

Thing 2: Indian food. Oh do I love Indian food. I mourn because the inexpensive Indian buffet with the all-you-can-drink masala chai just closed, and I didn’t know about it. But I can’t eat it anyway, because I’m 8 months pregnant, and it gives me the worst indigestion I’ve ever had in my life. I miss Indian food. I miss it so, so much. And sometimes I eat it anyway, and deal with the night of anguished Tums consumption just because I can’t help myself. Just a little bit longer and you’re evicted, baby, do you hear me? Because I wish to eat mounds of Indian food and NOT regret it.

Thing 3: Fair isle mittens. I love the pattern I’ve picked. (For those on Ravelry, Ruba’iyat Mittens.) I love the yarn, a gorgeous wool, NZ possum, and silk blend, which my mother in law brought me back from their trip there. I finished the first mitten on Tuesday night, and it fits perfectly. And now… now I have another mitten to knit. An identical mitten to knit. And as much as I want to have these perfect, beautiful, softer and warmer than I’d believed mittens on my hands, I also am having trouble making myself start the second mitten.

Thing 4: Designing patterns. I’ve got two already-tested patterns ready to go up for sale on Ravelry, and I’m having trouble making myself put them up. You see, these are my first paid patterns. I’m terrified that nobody will want to buy them. I spent hours and hours perfecting each of them, and there are some things about each that I still don’t adore (even though one of my friends has made 6+ hats from my pattern, so I’m guessing she likes it…) but I’m too blasted nervous and embarrassed to just bite the bullet and figure out the system and upload the patterns. I could have duds. I could have a couple of winners that at least someone will spend a couple of dollars to purchase. Right? And with me out of work and Little Man due to make his appearance very, very soon, a couple of dollars would be very, very nice.