Daily Archives: July 13, 2010

Spinning Yak

Today I started a new project for the Tour de Fleece (even though I haven’t quite finished the singles I worked on yesterday). Yak. 100% yak, purchased at MDSW, from Bijou Spun.

Now, I like to try to spin thinly. Sometimes the fiber likes it, sometimes it doesn’t. This yak, well… I don’t think I’ve ever managed to spin so finely. I’m glad I decided to do this on the spindle, because spinning yak is harder than I thought! It is SO fine and SO short staple that if I’m not careful, the roving simply slips apart in my hand before I even draft it. I’m sure the humidity here isn’t helping, as yak sticks to my hands, but it’s been a real treat to try out. I’ve only got an ounce, so I suppose the fact that it HAS to be laceweight is a boon. I think I’ll be plying with some nice silk thread or something.

A peek at the first tiny bit:

Yak, 7-13-2010