Monthly Archives: November 2010

Finished – finally!

I finished my first serious lace project this evening.

Just off the needles…


That is to say, the first serious lace project that I cast on, in May of 2009. The poor shawl languished in the WIP pile for months until I finally rescued it earlier this summer. There are dozens of mistakes, but it doesn’t matter – it’s done. I can’t wait to see how it looks all blocked up!

More NaNoSpinMo

I realized that my last post had the wrong date on it. Hah. I’ve gotten the mom virus. I can’t even tell what day it is!

Anyway, the official count: 6/16 oz. spun, 5 oz. plied. I’ll have to take some pretty yarn pics in the morning.

My newest project is some superwash BFL from Susan’s Spinning Bunny in colorway “Anshan’s Biscotti,” which is a lovely combo of browns and a hint of pink. I’m going for a sportweight/DKish 2ply. I’d like to use it for the yoke of a sweater.

After this, it’ll be time to challenge myself. A 3ply. I’ve got some fiber I picked up back at MDSW that I’ve been meaning to attempt to make sock yarn from.

NaNoSpinMo day 2

2/16 oz. spun

3 oz. plied

I started the month by finishing up some spinning that had been on my wheel since the end of Tour de Fleece. It’s some lovely 75 BFL/ 25 silk in “pumpkin” and I should end up with upwards of 450 yards of 2 ply.

While plying that on the electrowheel (which my darling mini-Durham Knits keeps on shoving off the table, sigh) I’ve started spinning up some BFL in colorway “Sugar” from Miss Babs. It’s dyed a light pink with streaks of dark brown. I’m going for a heavier weight so I can make some fingerless mitts.


Instead of NaNoWriMo, since there’s not a chance I’ll finish anything more than a couple thousand words, I’m going to make this November a spinning month.

I pledge to spin for at least 10 minutes every day. I pledge to spin at LEAST 1 lb of fiber before the end of the month. On travel days, I will use my spindle. I need to make me some yarn, and I’m finding that spinning is the first thing to go with the babe.