Monthly Archives: May 2012

High School

I’ll admit it. I watch Glee. There’s plenty I don’t like about the show, but I appreciate musicals making it to the small screen, and the first season was truly a joy to watch. Last night was the season finale, the graduation episode, and I watched my favorite characters make stupid decisions as they headed off to become adults and leave school behind.

I could say plenty about my opinions on how the writers handled their transitions in the show, but that’s not what this blog is about.

So how does Glee have anything to do with knitting? It’s actually just a coincidence. While I’ve been watching the seniors at McKinley get ready to graduate, I’ve also been thinking a lot about my high school friends. My two best friends are getting married this summer, and I can’t make it to either wedding. It’s incredibly disappointing that I can’t be there. I’ve got two kids, now, and flights are expensive. One of the weddings is happening when my husband is at a trade show, and there’s just no way I can drag a 2-year-old and a then 7-month-old to Boston alone. No chance.

These were my two best friends, though. I need to do something VERY special for them.

And so I’m knitting.

Not just anything, however. I’m knitting complicated, cabled things. Things that will take hours of work to make into reality, with my hopes and memories knit into every stitch. I only hope they will appreciate the love I’m putting into their afghans as much as I appreciate their continued friendship, no matter where they end up in the world.