Monthly Archives: September 2012


The best thing about learning a new craft is exploration. When I carted Nilus into my living room, I’d done a tiny bit of reading and planned on purchasing a simple rigid heddle loom. That was back in our old house, where space was a premium and all craft items were required to fold up and fit into half of a closet.

Our new house has twice the space. My crafts get a WHOLE closet. And the loom gets its own place of glory.

Setting up the loom has taught me plenty already. I had to track down some replacement parts that disappeared over the years it was in storage (thanks, Earth Guild!). I had to get instruction as to how one winds a warp. I then wound that warp three different times before it met what I needed it to be.

Youtube and I had a nice little sitdown, as I watched videos of people warping looms and studied books at the same time. And now, lo and behold…


Almost ready to weave.

Oh, and I had a bit of help.