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Al-Alim (99 Names, #19)

I’m on the third circle of names. Beading each bit is slow going, but it’s amazing to see how such an abstract concept is turning into a real item.

The Omnicient/All-knowing, Al-Alim (العليم)

This is name #19 on my list, and I’ll use it as an example of my process for creating my charts.

For the purposes of chart simplicity, I’ve removed the article from the word, instead choosing to wrap the numbers associated with it (1, 30) into my center mandala.

The name contains four written letters: ayn, lam, ya, mim, with corresponding numbers of 70, 30, 10, 40. That’s 8 digits: 7, 0, 3, 0, 1, 0, 4, 0

I created a grid, 10 stitches tall (for numbers 0-9) and 8 stitches wide (one column for each digit). Since knitting goes right to left, just like Arabic, I charted the bead placement right to left.


And there’s the process I’m using to chart each name.