Daily Archives: July 13, 2013

TdF 2013

Tour de Fleece comes around once a year. This time, I’m just trying to spin, anything at all, any moments during the day. I’ve been digging in to deep, dark reaches of my stash and chain plying anything within reach.

Gradient Alpaca

100% Alpaca, a gradient, about 100 yards of squooshy, bulky love. Roving purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool 2010, from Painted Spring Farm.

White Fluff

Unknown wool/mohair blend mill ends, a gift from a friend. Bulky and destined to be a cabled pillow for a wedding gift.

I love the zen of chain plying, the loops spinning into a thick and squishy yarn. As my skill at it has grown, I find I want to chain ply EVERYTHING, even things that would probably be best served by a traditional two-ply. It will be difficult to convince myself not to chain ply the wool/silk blend from Ashford on the wheel right now, even though it wants to be a delicate two-ply for lace.