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Nerd Wars

For the first time, I’m competing in Nerd Wars, a Ravelry-based celebration of all things nerd. Each round is made up of challenges on various themes, and the teams (paying homage to anything from novels to science to favorite tv shows and movies) compete for points by completing fiber projects related to their team theme.

I was roped in, lured by Gilmore Girls. Though the title of “favorite show ever” would have to go to The West Wing or Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Gilmore Girls is a close runner-up. I love the quick dialogue, the crazy small town characters, and the bond of friendship between the title characters. Since there isn’t a West Wing team, and Star Trek is all lumped under “space shows,” I had to throw my hat in the ring.

So far? I’ve knit a kerchief to “larp” as Sookie, and a snowflake for Lorelei’s obsession with snow, pattern by my fellow Durham designer and good friend, Naomi Parkhurst.

I’m also working on a lace stole. It’s part Christmas present and part future design release, and let me tell you, I’m pretty excited about it! Plus, it’s in sparkly yarn. What’s better than that?

Beast = Fabio?

It’s not about knitting, no…

I went to see Beauty and the Beast tonight at DPAC here in Durham. It’s fantastic to have a great performing arts center here, now! Something blew my mind, though…

The Beast, when transformed to a human, has long flowing locks and a clean shaven face.

Look at that hair, huh?

And here’s the romance novel pose of Fabio.

What a rogue.

Belle totally marries Fabio.



I might have made this.

I’ve been fighting with WordPress for a few weeks, so this is a bit of a late post, but I was published in Knitty! The hat, Whorled, is related to my other project, the eBook “Our Heads are Spinning.” All the patterns are inspired by spindle whorls unearthed from archaeological sites across the world.

Whorled, in particular, is a combination of different whorls. The chevron lace panels come from a Sassanian whorl (that was a civilization in what is now Iran), the circle with a dot in the center appears in whorls found in China, the Middle East, and Europe, and the lines of yarn overs/purl ridges are symbolic of the deep carved scored lines in whorls found just about everywhere.

I love this hat.