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Cowl obsession

I generally don’t tend to care much for accessories. Hats are for when it’s cold (I look sort of silly in most hat shapes). Mittens and mitts should be soft and useful; the pretty isn’t quite so necessary. Scarves? They just sort of get in the way and fall off when small children yank on them. I love knitting all these things, and have given myself something of a glut of accessories that are worn two or three times a year during the fall and winter.

But the cowl. Those infinity cowls are everywhere, and I’m finding that a cowl is an excellent excuse for a pop of color that actually stays on. I’ve been wearing my big chunky cowl (currently in test knitting) constantly, since this winter has been surprisingly nasty for NC, but now, the bulbs are starting to come up. I want something that screams SPRING.

Enter my newest cowl. It’ll be tested by my upcoming Lace Chart Reading class. It’s knit in a linen/rayon/cotton blend ┬áby Plymouth Yarns called Linen Concerto. I’m normally not a huge fan of cotton blends, but this one is yummy. I might need to knit myself something else with it.

Photo on 3-27-14 at 9.34 AM

Blocking will help even it out a little, but the yarn is already so lovely and drapey. (Oh, hey. Look, I’m clearly 28 weeks pregnant. Better get some things done soon.)


Things I Would Rather Be Doing…

… than sitting at home with a kid throwing up on me.

1) Taking a standardized test.

2) Sitting in a meeting with half of the participants on speakerphones.

3) Scrubbing the grout in the bathroom.

4) Replacing the price tags on 100 balls of yarn.

5) Cleaning the insides out of a turkey.

6) Going to the dentist.

7) Reading a book on internet marketing.

8) Cleaning a litterbox.

9) Watching a training video at a government agency.