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Fitzgerald Bricks Hat, Ennea Collective Fall 2014

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Fitzgerald Bricks Hat, C$6, found here on Ravelry, and here in Ennea Collective Fall 2014.

The Fitzgerald Bricks Hat is named for Richard Fitzgerald, a brickmaker and African American business leader in the early days of Durham, NC. His bricks went into the construction of many famous buildings in the town, including Emmanuel Church and an office building still standing on Kent Street, as well as the Erwin Cotton Mills, now owned by Duke University. The mosaic structure of the hat lays like brickwork: the commercial yarn is the mortar, holding together the rich shades of the hand-spun yarn, row upon row.

I spin because I love color. I get bored spinning a single color yarn, unless the fiber is something exotic. A hand-painted braid, however… The bright splashes along a hand-painted braid of fiber draw me in, stare at me from my stash, and lure me to the wheel time and time again. 4oz from MDSW, 4oz from SAFF, 4oz from that Etsy store – but what can I make with only 4oz of crazy colored hand-spun yarn?

This mosaic colorwork hat combines a precious skein of luscious, hand-painted fiber with a skein of commercial solid yarn. The hand-spun and the commercial have two different textures – the soft, evenness of the Ultra Alpaca highlights the character of the hand-spun yarn, this braid from Yarn Hollow. The yarn was spun worsted and chain-plied (also known as n-ply) to preserve the gradient, approximately worsted weight.

Also find my article on spinning a gradient in Ennea Collective Fall 2014.


I’m still here!

No, really, I am!

Updating is my resolution. Life with three little boys is about as busy as one would expect, especially with planning for kindergarten (it’s like applying for college here, WHY?) and balancing the needs of a 5-month-old, an almost 3-year-old, and a nearly 5-year-old.

There will be more posts. There will be lots of random kid stuff. There will be plenty of knitting content, and some spinning stuff, too. It’s coming.

Right after I change another diaper.