Daily Archives: April 15, 2015


Like many spinners addicted to color, I tend to purchase my fiber fix in 4oz. braids. That means that my fiber tub is stuffed to the brim with gorgeous shades… but I don’t have enough of any single colorway to do much with it.

Enter my next major undertaking: the 4 ounces sweater.

IMG_7304Now, of course the sweater will take more┬áthan 4oz of fiber. However, I’m planning to use only 4

oz. lots of various colorways, matching as best I can and barberpoling some to create transition areas and give unity to the sweater.

Here’s the first lot: Three Waters Farm January Top of the Month Club, “Frosted Daybreak,” matched with Malabrigo Nube in “Lavanda.” There’s a total of 486 yds over these 8oz., giving me a solid DK weight.

Next up, I’ll be moving from deep purples into reds and oranges and browns, care of Three Waters Farm December Top of the Month, and either another braid of Malabrigo Nube (in Glitter, a brown and orange combo) or a braid of a pumpkin orange I picked up at Maryland Sheep and Wool 5 years ago.

I’m planning to spin up a total of 20oz or so, to make sure I have enough for sleeves.┬áTo the wheel!