Time Management

“How in the world do you knit that much?! Don’t you have kids?”

It’s a common question. I knit a lot. I mean, a lot. But I sort of feel I have to. When I don’t knit for a few days, I feel like I’ve lost my motivation for other things. Knitting gets me through the tough times being at home with two boys less than two years apart. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys, but sometimes the frustration mounts… and a time-out for Mom to knit two rows can get me centered.

I do my knitting in little spurts. A row here, a repeat there. An hour of naptime knitting, two hours after bedtime or so. It adds up. Not to mention my Knitting Day: on Sunday, I go to knitting group and work at the LYS, and sometimes teach a class after. That’s a whole day devoted to my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Plus, I knit fast. Really fast.