The Trials of "Reversed" Gender Roles

I’m a stay at home mom, with a tiny part time job on the side. My husband is the primary breadwinner. I try to keep on top of household chores (though this doesn’t always happen with a 6-month-old), he is in charge of paying the bills. I’m crafty, he’s techie. I decorate, he keeps his hands off unless I start using too much brown or, heaven forbid, “Carolina Blue.”

But when it comes to two very important household things, we come up against the reversal of traditional gender roles. My husband cooks. I am Mrs. Fix-it. It seems like it should work, right? He makes dinner, I fix things that stop working.

What this means in reality… I get tetchy when he tries to help me cook (which generally means he takes over what I’m doing as I don’t know how to do it “right”), and he gets frustrated (and I do, too) when I try to teach him how to fix something. I’m not very patient at it.