I Can’t See My Feet!

Along those lines, I’ve finally gotten around to starting a sweater for the little man to wear. While I’ve done a couple of small projects – booties and a couple pairs of socks – it was hard for me to believe that he would actually be joining us any time soon. Each day ahead seemed like ages before his birth. Now, however, I flip through the calendar, and he’s almost here! I have so many things I was planning to make for him, and now I really have to hustle to get it all done.

I finally managed to finish up my February Lady Sweater, too. It’s in burgundy Malabrigo, and I altered the pattern to add a collar, changed the yoke to seed stitch from garter, and used only a single button rather than the three called for in the pattern. Here’s a half-assed picture of me wearing it, at 25 weeks:


I should’ve worn it with a white shirt to show off just how big my little man is getting!